• AGM Series

    AGM Series

    AGM battery adopt lead-Tin-Calcium alloy plate structure and AGM separators technology

  • GEL Series

    GEL Series

    Gel series battery is manufactured with special sheet separator and colloidal or foamed silica.

  • OPZV&OPZS Series

    OPZV&OPZS Series

    OPZV series:VRLA Tubular plates with Gel electrolyte OPZS: Flooded GEL electrolyte Tubular platges Technology

  • Lead Carbon Series

    Lead Carbon Series

    Lead carbon batteries adopt a new design of grids active substance shell and electrolyte production technology

  • LFP 48V Series

    LFP 48V Series

    Faran-tech delivers Safe Lithium Iron phosphate battery solutions for Telecom and Solar applications.

  • LFP 48V 5G Series

    LFP 48V 5G Series

    This series is a distributed base station battery system with an integrated design

  • LFP Single Cell

    LFP Single Cell

    Automative cells production line for prismatic and cylindrical cells range from 1.5ah to 270ah

  • LFP 12V&24V Series

    LFP 12V&24V Series

    The LFP 12V&24V series back-up lithium iron phosphate battery system is developed for backup of solar equipment.

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